When you create e-learning courses, you might want to reuse some content. For example, you have created a course with content pages and questions, and now you want to reuse the same questions in different courses. So, here you will learn how to do that.

In Easygenerator you can duplicate a course, thus making its identical copy.

Note: the results of your learners won't be duplicated to a copy course.

You can also move or copy a content page or a question to another course or another section within the same course:

To delete a course or any item within a course, hover over it, and you'll see the Trash bin icon.

Note: if you're not a course owner, but a co-author, you can not delete this course. You can only stop co-authoring.

If you want to delete a section, click on the drop-down menu and choose Delete Section.

Learn how to reuse sections

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