On the Configure step of the course editor you can set up General settings.
General course settings differ depending on a course template, and they are only available for Simple and Test/Assessment templates.

Simple course settings

In the Simple course template you can enable cross device progress saving, login via social media, learner satisfaction survey, PDF export, and add copyright text.

Cross-device progress saving allows learners to take a break and continue passing a course later on any device with the Internet connection. Learn more.

Learner satisfaction survey allows measuring whether your learners are content with a course or not. Learn more.

Allow users to download certificates is available only when Cross -device progress saving is enabled. Learn more.

PDF export allows downloading a course as PDF. Run your course via the private link (it won't work in the preview mode), and in the top left corner you'll see Download as PDF button.

Copyright text will be displayed on each page of your course.

About the author” block allows you to show your contact information a short author's bio at the beginning of the course. Learn more.

Test/Assessment template settings

In the Test/Assessment template you can choose between Quiz (a learner can see hints or learning content added to questions) and Exam (a learner can’t see hints) modes.

Question pool. You can choose whether to show all questions available in the course to a learner or a certain subset of random questions.

Question order. You can randomize the order of questions (on every attempt).

Show answers from the previous attempt. You can choose whether to show or reset answers from the previous attempt.

Set time limit. Use this option to set a specific time limit that a user will have to complete the course. The timer will be shown in the top right corner of the screen. 

Number of attempts. You can set a certain number of attempts or allow an unlimited number of attempts.

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