In order to use a different email within your Easygenerator account, you need to create a new account associated with the new email and migrate all the courses.

Team plan customers

Team plan customers can use an organization to move courses.
To transfer your courses from an old account to a new one, please do the following.

Create an organization within the new account.

Add your old account to the organization via Invite people. Accept the invitation within your old account.

Click More options (three-dot ellipsis) icon next to your old account and select Transfer courses.

It is possible to transfer either only a number of/ all courses without media assets (they'll remain in the Library within the old account), or courses with media assets (they'll be moved to the Library within the new account), or media assets alone

Select the option Include account media library if you want to transfer the media assets. If selected, all assets will be moved to the Library owned by a new account. 

Pro customers

Pro users can't create an organization but they can manually move the courses from one account to another:

  1. Add your new account as a co-author to all your courses.
  2. Accept all shared courses within a new account.
  3. Duplicate every course within a new account to become the owner of the copies.

Via the co-authoring feature, it’s not possible to move media libraries to a new account. The only workaround is to download all videos / images from your old account and re-upload them into a new one. 

Please be aware that the videos/ audios / images will be permanently gone if you delete the old account and don't re-upload these files.

NOTE: In case of manual migration learners' results won't be duplicated, so if you don't want to lose your data, make sure to download the results before deleting the original course and/or the old account.

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