Scenario question allows you to create a branched simulation which challenges a learner to make swift and accurate decisions in the vivid recreation of a real-world situation. 

Create a scenario

Select the scenario question type, drag and drop it under a section. Open the scenario editor and click Add Scenario. Create a new scenario by clicking on a blank simulation window.

Double click anywhere on the screen to create the first scene.

For the initial question, provide reply choices, each of which will lead to a new scene. Organize the scenario structure and connect the scenes with a single mouseclick.

It is important to properly configure the final scenes.
Make sure that the final scenes contain the main text and feedback only, do not add any further reply choices. Set the score for the final scenes - assign 100 points for the correct scene, and 0 for the incorrect ones. 

Characters & Backgrounds

You can choose from dozens of pre-designed characters and backgrounds suitable for business, education, and everyday situations. The characters come with a range of poses and emotions so your scenarios can come to life in seconds. Also, you can upload your own images.

  • For the background, use JPEG images 800px x 500px. Everything that goes beyond will be cropped to fit the scene.
  • For custom characters, use PNG files with the transparency effect on. Here are some requirements to the custom character image: 

Give Your Characters a Voice

Add voice-overs to your scenarios that will make your dialogues truly lifelike (only mp3 files are supported).


Attach PDFs, images and videos to your branching scenarios. Or just add YouTube and Vimeo links to the character text and see how those work. The video/link/gif will play right within the scenario player once clicked upon. 

Note: The new player is required.

Configure your scenario

Add and remove the simulation features such as:

  • Multiple scoring
  • Emotion meter
  • Animations in the player
  • Choice numbers
  • Randomize choice order
  • Show replay button
  • Show progress bar

Here's how to disable The Replay button if you need to limit the number of attempts.

NOTE: Scenario question type is a third-party tool within Easygenerator. Within the Pro plan you get 1 scenario for free. If you want to get more scenarios, please email us at [email protected].

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