If you choose “Sell your course” option on the Publish step, your course will be published to Coggno, an online training marketplace and learning management system (LMS) that enables simplified training and certification anywhere in the world.

You can publish your course in Coggno’s Marketplace and sell it to anyone, or you can publish it privately and use Coggno as your LMS.

The courses will reside on Coggno’s servers, and are completely controlled by you. You can edit them, delete them, price them as you wish, add discounts, and create coupons.

When course sales are made, the funds are processed by Coggno and deposited in your Coggno Accounting section which lists all your sales.

What does “loading it” to Coggno mean?

Your courses, once you publish and price them, will be available in your own branded webshop devoted to just your courses, as well as in the Coggno Marketplace, and marketed to our users.

How do I upload the content to Coggno once I’ve created it in EG?

Click on the “Publish to Coggno” button and you will be walked through the process.

Do I find my course sales via EG or Coggno?

You will find your course sales in the Accounting section of your Coggno account where all sales are listed in real-time.

Who handles payments for courses?

Coggno manages the payment process and accepts Credit Cards, PayPal, and Purchase Orders from customers.

Is learner support handled via EG or Coggno?

Coggno handles support of your learners.

A short overview of Coggno can be found here.

Coggno pricing is explained here.

For more details please visit Coggno knowledge base.

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