On the Configure step of the course editor you can adjust a few course settings options (i.e., scoring of content pages) and set a mastery score.

Mastery score is the score your learners have to reach to pass a course successfully. 

To set the mastery score, go to Configure > Results tracking and opt for the mastery score per course or per section.

Mastery score per section

If the mastery is set per section, the overall score is calculated by adding the score reached per each section and dividing by the number of sections in the course.

To successfully pass the course, learners have to achieve the mastery score (80% in this case) per each section. For example, if a learner gets less than 80% for at least one section, the course will be failed. 

The score can be seen on the progress bar under each section icon.

Mastery score for the entire course

If the mastery is set for the entire course, the score will be averaged, meaning that even if a learner gets less than 80% for any section(s), but the overall score is still 80% or higher, the course will be passed successfully. 

NOTE: Mastery score per overall course is available in the Simple course template. 

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