Cross-device progress saving can be enabled on the Configure step, under General settings.

Note: Cross-device progress saving is available in the All-in-one and Simple course only.

If the option is on, learners will be asked to authorize via social media or using their email.

Then learners will have to set up their password. The password is set only once and it applies to all courses.

It means that when a learner takes another Easygenerator course and takes a break again, they need to enter the same password which has been initially set. 

If a learner decides to take a break and complete the course later, they just need to press the Take a break button.

Learners can continue with the course at any time from any device with the Internet connection.

To start the course where you left off, click on the secret link sent to your email.

Alternatively, you can login in the same way you did the first time, but you will be asked for your password. One and the same password will be used for all your courses.

You can reset the password via Forgot password link.

You'll get an email with further instructions.

After you click on the link, you'll see the reset password form. Here you can enter a new password which you will use to log in the course. 

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