If you are a newcomer to Easygenerator, you can get a 14-day free trial that enables you to experience endless possibilities of building courses in our authoring tool. After the trial period ends, you can still access your courses but with a limited functionality available in the free version of Easygenerator. If you want to make the most of Easygenerator, you need to upgrade to one of the paid accounts.

To upgrade, click on the  Upgrade now link in the upper right corner.

Also, you can upgrade your account in the pop-up window under your credentials.

You will be redirected to the pricing page where you can find the description of all Easygenerator accounts and available features.

Easygenerator offers four paid plans: Starter,  Pro, Team and Enterprise. For more information, go to ‘ Pricing‘.

The following features are available only if you have a paid plan:

  • Publish to LMS: download a course as SCORM 1.2 package and to run it in LMS or SCORM cloud.
  • Review: send a request to review the course to any external reviewers.
  • Various question types: use more interactive types of questions (in the free version you have only 2 question types: Multiple Choice and Single Choice).
  • Course logo: change the default Easygenerator logo in a course.
  • Change background: change the background of a course.
  • Learners' results: see all learners’ results directly in Easygenerator. Easygenerator users that have a free account can see only the last ten results.
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