To answer a drag and drop question, a learner has to move text items to specific places on a background image by dragging and dropping them. Drag and drop interactions have the power to make even the most dull eLearning course fun and entertaining, without sacrificing its effectiveness.

Essentially, in drag-and-drop questions, you will move words, or short phrases on a computer screen to target areas where they belong. Drag-and-drop items assess your ability to classify, organize, and sequence information.

So,  drag and drop questions make an assessment immersive, engaging, and super exciting for your learners.

This is a short video on how to create a drag and drop question type in Easygenerator.

The ideal image sizes for the drag and drop backgrounds are: 

  • width 900 px (if it’s larger, the scroll will be shown, if it’s smaller, it‘ll be left-aligned);
  • height 758 px (this is the max height, but it can be smaller).
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