The Gradebook helps instructors easily view and check learners’ results. Now all the grades for each learner in a course can be found in the course Gradebook on the Results step. 

By default, the Gradebook shows a learner’s name, email, result, score, the date and time the course has been started and finished. You can change the default view in the More details tab where you can sort out the fields you want to be displayed in the Gradebook. Thus, you can also view learners’ progress on sections and questions by checking the corresponding boxes in the More details tab.

Also, you can review all question attempts and  learners' answers in the Gradebook. Just right click the question score.

You may have items in your Gradebook that you no longer need. Find a grade item you wish to delete, then hover over the left side of this item and click the Delete button.

You can export scores from the Gradebook and download them to your computer as a CSV file. At the time of export, the CSV file data matches the current filters and settings shown in the Gradebook.

Learn how to share Gradebook reports online here.

The Gradebook is still under development. We are going to release a few more Gradebook features till the end of the year.

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