Gradebook is a core tool for instructors to keep track of learners' scores.
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When progress is reported to Easygenerator, you can see learners' results under the Results tab > Gradebook

By default, the Gradebook shows a learner’s name, email, result, score, and the date and time the course has been started and finished.

You can change the default view in the More details tab where you can sort out the fields you want to be displayed in the Gradebook. You can also view learners’ progress on sections and questions by checking the corresponding boxes in the More details tab.

Column Q shows the question title, question score, and each student's reply. Click on the question score to see the details.

To delete a record from the Gradebook, hover over it and click the Trash bin icon.

Search and filter records

You can search the records by learners in the Gradebook using the Search field.

Also, you can filter the records by the mastering status (Passed, Failed, In progress, All results).

Download and share results

You can download the results as a CSV file. The CSV file data matches the current filters and settings shown in the Gradebook at the time of export.
NOTE: your Excel app should be up to date. Unicode files cannot be opened in outdated versions of Excel. If the report you opened looks messed up, please contact support so they can help you to resolve this.

Also, you can easily share reports with your team members or clients via the private link.

Download Certificate

You can download the certificates of the learners who successfully passed the course (for each successful attempt).

The certificates option should be enabled before the learners started passing the course.

NOTE: the certificates are not available for Pro plan users and in case the course was uploaded to LMS via SCORM package.

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