Sharing links to what you have read as an expert in your area of expertise can be a valuable knowledge-sharing activity for your colleagues and learners. However, sharing alone does not add any value and only becomes meaningful when you add your own knowledge and context to show the relevance and usefulness of the links. This is what curation means.

What's in it for you?

Selecting links/resources based on clear criteria and adding your own context/story to the chosen links enriches the quality of your course and saves you from having to create all-new content from scratch.

Learners value handpicked, curated content, because curators are considered experts in their fields.

Create a content page, choose Text layout, and select Link (curation) content block. Insert a link and add your own explanation.

For each link you share, explain why you added it and what’s in it for others. This helps your readers to determine whether they want to read the resource.

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