Easygenerator provides an option to embed/integrate Easygenerator into a 3rd party tool or platform (e.g. an LMS) using LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard.
Here are some basic terms to help you with this guide:

  • LTI Consumer (e.g. an LMS): This is the service which integrates the tool. Typically, this is a Learning Management System (LMS) or user portal. The LTI Consumer provides user information and context to the LTI Tool Provider. Additionally, the LTI Consumer provides authentication vouching for the user to the LTI Tool Provider.

  • LTI Tool Provider (e.g. Easygenerator editor application): This is the service providing the service to the LTI Consumer. This can be on-premises software or a service that is hosted outside the LTI Consumer. 

You can use the Easygenerator live environment (https://live.easygenerator.com) as an LTI Provider. When you access this environment through the LTI Consumer tool, you will already be authenticated with the user you are using in the LTI Consumer tool.

You can also learn more about LTI here.

Here you can find a list of LTI compliant products / LMSs.

When you have a custom publishing option and you integrate Easygenerator into your platform via LTI, the following settings can be defined for your custom publishing option:

1. Which publishing options to show when users log in via LTI:

  • A custom publishing option and the default publishing options;

  • Only a custom publishing option.

2. When your custom publishing option is shown: 

  • In both cases (when users log in via LTI or when they log in directly);

  • Only when users are logged-in via LTI using their account from a specific platform;

  • You can also choose to have neither shown.

Expected parameters:

When we receive the LTI launch request we create users in our system and then authenticate them. For both actions we need additional information about the user. We expect the following parameters to be sent:

  • lis_person_contact_email_primary - user's email

  • lis_person_name_given – first name

  • lis_person_name_family - last name

  • user_id – unique id of the user in your LMS. Should be a unique string for each user and always the same for the user.

If you need more information about these parameters, all of them are described in the LTI specification.

NOTE: LTI integration is available only for Enterprise users. If you want to set up LTI integration with Easygenerator, please contact support@easygenerator.com.

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