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Results reporting (xAPI)
Results reporting (xAPI)

Learn more about reporting to an external LRS and xAPI standard.

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Report results to an external LRS

You can configure your courses to send the results to an external Learning Record Store (LRS).

Under Configure tab > Progress and Login > Results tracking > Advanced settings, choose if you want to report the learners’ results directly to Easygenerator (selected by default) or to a custom LRS.

Report results to your platform

Easygenerator provides an option to send results automatically to another (external) platform. Here are some details regarding the results reporting from Easygenerator:

  • Easygenerator uses xAPI standard for tracking and tracing;

  • By default, the courses created in Easygenerator send data to Easygenerator’s internal Learning Record Store (LRS), so authors can track and trace learners’ results on the Results step;

  • However, it’s very easy to send data to your service in the same way (there is an option in the interface of Easygenerator to configure where to send data);

  • To report to your own platform, there are minimal xAPI standard requirements (basically about the structure of the requests and endpoints) to receive tracking and tracing data: 

“It's also possible for a tool which is not an LRS to choose to follow the LRS requirements of one or more of the resources and methods described in this section. For example, a tool might implement POST Statements for the purposes of receiving incoming Statements forwarded by an LRS. Such a system is not considered to be an LRS or 'partial LRS'; it is simply not an LRS.”  

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