This document contains a high-level description of the available integration options. Click on the links for more detailed information.

1) Single sign-on (SSO) for the authoring application

Your authors can start creating courses in Easygenerator with one click from your application with the credentials they have in your environment. We can do this through either LTI 1.2 or SAML 2.0.

NOTE: SSO for authors is available only for the Enterprise plan.

2) Single Sign-One (SSO) for learners

There are several ways to enable SSO for learners:

  • via oAuth 2.0

  • via Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)   

  • via URL parameters

Learn more about each of the options here.

NOTE: SSO for learners is available only for the Team and Enterprise plans.

3) Direct publication

This will allow your users to publish courses directly from Easygenerator into your platform. Your users will see the 'Publish to <name of your platform>' button just within Easygenerator, meaning that there's no needed to download/upload packages or share links manually. Learn more about direct publishing here.

4) Results tracking

We can track and trace results and send them to your environment in various ways:

- via xAPI

Easygenerator has the ability to report via xAPI into any LRS. With xAPI, you will get the most extended reporting possible:

  • Started: when a learner opens the course and enters their credentials.

  • Passed: when the course is completed with overall progress 100%.

  • Answered: when a learner answers a question.

  • Mastered: a score per learning objective.

  • Progressed: when a question is answered to indicate the current overall score.

  • Experienced: when a learner visits a content page.

Learn more about the xAPI option here.

- via Scorm 1.2 and Scorm 2004

Easygenerator has the ability to report through SCORM via our downloadable SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 packages. Only high-level results will be reported. Learn more.

- via LTI 1.2 

You can use LTI 1.2 to send results to your platform. Keep in mind that LTI only allows the one-end score to be published to your system. Learn more.

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