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Personalize your Course URL
Personalize your Course URL

Your course will have a default URL when published on Easygenerator server. This URL can be personalized as desired.

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Your course URL will always be formatted as follows by default if published on Easygenerator server:

However, URLs are a visible part of the web and that is why you may want to brand your course URLs.

How to Personalize Your Course URL

To personalize the course URL, embed the course on your own website and share the link to your site rather than the direct course link. 

To get the embed code, go under Publish tab and select Inside a website option. 

You can customize the frame size to fit your specific needs. Make sure the frame width and height are the same as the entire screen for a perfect look and feel. 

Copy the code, embed it in your site, and you're ready to go!

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