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Feedback per answer option in Single Choice Question
Feedback per answer option in Single Choice Question

Give instant feedback per answer option in Single Choice Question.

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Feedback is a crucial part of the learning process. It is important for your learners to know if they’ve answered a question correctly. However, sometimes you might also want them to know why exactly each choice was right or wrong and give an explanation per answer option.

In Easygenerator, you can add generic feedback for correct and incorrect answers. In most cases, this feedback is just fine. But there are times when you might want to give a specific explanation for each answer option.

In the Single Choice Question, you can add an explanation for every alternative. In the question editor, you can enable the option "Explanation per answer option" (instead of universal responses)".

Your learners will get immediate answer-specific feedback which will turn your course into an insightful learning opportunity.

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