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Add tables

Use tables to structure detailed info and provide more context for learners in Easygenerator.

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Easygenerator tables make it easy to organize detailed data and provide more context for learners. You can add tables to your text blocks using the Insert Table button.

Insert a table

Open up or add a new content item, click add content icon (+), and from the sidebar on the left, choose Text layout. On the content toolbar, hit the Insert Table button to create a beautiful table.

Modify a table

Format text by selecting it and choosing formatting options on the content toolbar. You can select text in a particular cell, multiple cells, or a whole table.

Format the table by selecting multiple cells or clicking on a cell without selecting text. The table toolbar will show up with a few formatting options.

Table formatting options

  • Table Header: Add or remove a shaded header row at the top of the table. The header will be added in your theme color. You can change the color using the table toolbar, and Cell Background property.

  • Remove Table: Delete the entire table and its contents.

  • Row: Add or delete a row.

  • Column: Add or delete a column.

  • Table Style: Replace solid borders with dashed borders and/or apply background shading to alternate rows.

  • Cell: Split the current cell vertically or horizontally. Select multiple cells to merge them.

  • Cell Background: Set a background color by choosing one from the menu or adding a hex color code. Remove the background color with the Clear Formatting icon. Click Back to exit without changes.

  • Vertical Align: Align text to the top, middle, or bottom of each cell.

  • Horizontal Align: Align text to the left, center, or right of each cell, or justify cell content.

  • Cell Style: Highlight the selected cell in red or make its borders more prominent.

Outside of the table toolbar options, you can:

  • Click and drag column borders to resize them.

  • Add a row to the end of the table by placing your cursor in the last cell and clicking Tab.

  • Add columns by clicking the Insert button (+) that appears when you hover over the top border between the existing columns. 

  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Z or click Undo () on the content toolbar to revert and return to a previous state.

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