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Course Dashboard makes all learner’s courses accessible in one place.

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Course Dashboard makes all learner’s courses accessible in one place.

Learners can search the assigned courses and keep track of their personal activity by toggling between the active and completed courses. 

Course Dashboard is available as an add-on to your Easygenerator plan. Please contact us to learn more. 

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Get an overview of all assigned courses in one place

  • Navigate between the active and completed courses

  • Sort the courses by name, progress, and the date when it was last opened or added

  • See details of your progress

  • Authors can assign courses by adding learners to the Whitelist

How to get there

  • Access via the direct link

  • Navigate through the current open course (All-in-one template only) by selecting “My courses” from the top right learner’s menu

A course gets to Course Dashboard automatically once a learner logs in to the course.

Also, authors can assign courses to learners by adding learners’ emails to the Whitelist. When the author adds learners to the whitelist, the course appears under the 'Active' tab in Course Dashboard and becomes available for those learners.

Cross-device progress saving is required in order for the courses to get available in Course Dashboard.

NOTE: To ensure the progress is stored correctly in Course Dashboard, please republish your existing courses!

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