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Easygenerator for Learners
Easygenerator for Learners
Find out how learners can log in the course, access the Course Dashboard, change learner's name and reset password.
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When Cross-device progress saving is enabled in the course, learners are required to authorize with their email and set up their learner's password.

New learners will have to switch to Sign Up tab and create a learner's account with their email, name and password. The password is set only once on the first login and applies to all subsequent logins and all Easygenerator courses.

To log back in the course, learners have to use the same password which has been initially set.

Learners can take a break and continue the course later from where they left off by authorizing with their email and password. Or they can use a link to log in the course instantly (the link will be sent to their email).

How can I get to my Course Dashboard?

Learners can access, search and navigate all their assigned courses under the Course Dashboard.

How to get there:

  • Access via the direct link

  • Navigate through the current open course (All-in-one template only) by selecting My courses from the top right learner’s menu

A course gets to Course Dashboard automatically once a learner logs in the course.

How can I change my learner's password?

Learners can change the password by clicking on Forgot my password on the course login page.

They will get an email with the link to the reset password form. Here learners can enter a new password which they will use to log in all Easygenerator courses.

How can I change my learner's name?

From the Course Dashboard, learners can click on the user menu icon, navigate to their Profile and opt to Change full name.

Then click on Save changes and use Back to dashboard button.

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