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Accessibility Mode for Learners
Accessibility Mode for Learners

Accessibility Mode settings help to make content more accessible.

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Using the Accessibility Mode settings, learners can make the course content more accessible and legible. In the top right corner of the course page, learners can click on the Accessibility icon and enable the following settings.

Contrast Theme

Color contrast has a significant impact on how your learners approach online learning content. That's why we've closely examined the color contrast of the course design and added the “Contrast Theme” option in the user menu. It is more accessible and maximizes the content legibility, while still ensuring your learners enjoy the beautiful design of Easygenerator courses.

Here's what we've done to improve contrast in Easygenerator:

  • Applied the dark blue as the main theme color (Cover background color, main interface color, and call to action button color)

  • Darkened the color of the text of the progress and navigation indicators to improve readability

  • Darkened the colors for several knowledge check elements, including the answer placeholders in the Matching, Fill in the Blanks, and Open question types, the “True/False” texts in the Statement question type, the numbers indicating the order in the Ranking Text question type, checkboxes, and radio buttons before and after providing the answer.

The improvements we added in this update follow WCAG Success Criterion 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum).

Font size adjustment

The “Font size adjustment” option enables you to increase or decrease text size without zooming in on everything else on a page. You can easily switch between default, large, extra-large, and huge font sizes of the content by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons.

We’ve added the “Font size adjustment” option in the user menu that provides learners with an easy way to increase the font size of the course content while maintaining readability and avoiding content collisions and overlaps.

Learners can increase the font size of the content by pressing the (+) button and decrease the font size back up to default by pressing the (-) button. There are three sizes available in addition to a default font size:

● Large

● Extra large

● Huge

The improvements we added in this update follow WCAG Success Criterion 1.4.4 Resize text.

Note: Please update or republish the courses published before 11/25/2021 to make the Accessibility Settings available for your learners.

More accessibility settings will be added soon.

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