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Publish your Easygenerator courses directly in an LXP platform (EdCast)
Publish your Easygenerator courses directly in an LXP platform (EdCast)

This integration allows any Enterprise client with an EdCast LXP account to directly push their Easygenerator courses to the platform.

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Easygenerator now offers direct integration to the LXP platform, EdCast. This option is available for all of our Enterprise clients.

Enable EdCast’s publication option

To be able to push your published courses to EdCast, please fill in this default form and send it to [email protected]. Easygenerator support team will configure it for you. You can message us directly through our support chat on the tool or contact your dedicated customer success manager if you have one (Enterprise customers only).

Publishing your course in EdCast

To publish your first course to EdCast, go to the Publish step in Easygenerator then select the “To your LXP” tab.

You can then click on the EdCast tab, enter the course duration and then click on the “Send to EdCast” button.

Sending the course to EdCast will automatically publish your course under a “private link” option. You should be able to instantaneously see a Smartcard of your course created on the EdCast side.

On the EdCast side

The Smartcard in EdCast will be using the Easygenerator’s course URL, thumbnail, title, course duration, and description.

Please note that your course will be hosted on Easygenerator’s platform – EdCast will simply provide access to the course’s private link through its Smartcard.

In addition to your usual result tracking system, we will still be sending “Send” and “Completed” information to EdCast for your users to understand where they are with their ongoing courses.

To ensure seamless access to the course, we encourage you to check our Single Sign-on options for learners.

Course update

If you make any changes to your courses in Easygenerator, ensure to click the “Update” button to automatically update your private link as well as the EdCast Smartcard.

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