To publish a resource in Easygenerator, navigate to the Publish tab and choose one of the publishing options.

It is also possible to get a private link, PDF, or embed code by clicking Share at the top of the course editor.

Share a private link

By default, a resource exists on the Easygenerator server and you are suggested to share a private link to access it. If your learners copy this link into their web browser, they will see the resource and they can start using it. That's the easiest way to publish and share resources.

Inside a website

You can embed the resource in your own website and share the link to your site rather than the direct resource link.

To your LMS

Easygenerator provides two versions of SCORM: SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (4th edition).

You can include to the SCORM package:

  • Images uploaded to a course and all fonts chosen under the Design tab

  • Video and audio files uploaded to a course

To your hosting

Publish to your webserver or cloud storage by downloading a resource as the HTML package.

Export to PDF

You can download the resource in PDF format or generate a link to a PDF version that will be hosted online. If you are exporting to PDF for the first time, you will need to click the Generate PDF button to get the option to download the resource as a PDF or to generate a link.

PDFs are generated in A4 size and portrait mode (72 DPI).

All content (except video and audio) will be visible in the PDF. The document will be displayed as a small block with the document title and URL for downloading it.

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