Fill in the blanks question has a form of a sentence or paragraph containing a blank space in place of a word or phrase intentionally left out. A learner can type in a missing word or select the correct option from a drop-down list. 

Fill in the blanks question requires a more advanced level of knowledge, because it is harder to recall than it is to recognize (as a learner does with other question types, like multiple choice, for example).

Fill-in-the-blanks stimulate a cued recall effect because the cue helps learners access information in their long-term memory.

How to create a fill in the blanks question in Easygenerator

  • Select the fill in the blanks question from the left-hand panel and add it to a section.
  • Add a question title.
  • Type in the text and add blanks and/or dropdowns.
  • For a dropdown, add answer options and mark the correct one.
  • For a blank, type in one or more correct variants. Select “Match case” to make the answer case-sensitive. The question is scored based on if a learner’s reply matches the correct answer(s) you provide. 
  • Create feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Optional: add a voice-over

Tips for writing good fill in the blanks questions

  • The question instruction should be meaningful and state a specific problem that focuses on the learning objective.
  • Keep answers for the blanks simple and brief. One-word answers prevent issues like extra spaces or word order causing a correct answer to be scored as incorrect.
  • Do not start the question with a blank, while this may confuse learners.
  • Limit the number of blanks per question to 2 max. The more blanks you put into the question, the more confusing it gets.
  • Avoid clues to the correct response in the question.
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