Hotspot question allows you to present the learners with an image and let them identify one or more spots on that image. It is a very graphical way to assess your learners.

Hotspot questions show how stuff works in real life.
They can help learners absorb and apply visual data to make decisions on the job. 

For example, with this question type you can check if a learner knows which shortcuts to use on the keyboard. Or if a sales representative can recognize all elements of the product you're selling.

Another cool thing about hotspot questions is that they require learners to do some serious thinking, often on a higher cognitive level than if they were answering an easier question, such as a multiple choice question. 

Thus, hotspot question not only allows to better check knowledge, it also helps respondents to actively practice and reinforce what they’ve learned.

This is a short tutorial on how to create a hotspot question in Easygenerator.

The ideal image sizes for the hotspot backgrounds are: 

  • width 900 px (if it’s larger, the scroll will be shown, if it’s smaller, it‘ll be left-aligned);
  • height 758 px (this is the max height, but it can be smaller).
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