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Review a Course

External Review allows sending a request to review your course to any person, even if they don’t have an Easygenerator account.

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To enhance the workflow of collaborative learning content creation, Easygenerator introduces the updated review system.

Review is a premium feature. Therefore, if you are using the Pro Plan, you should upgrade to the Team or Enterprise Plan in order to read comments from external reviewers. Pro Plan customers can explore the review functionality by adding comments, but they cannot read them.

You can send a request to review your course to any external reviewers, even if they don’t have an Easygenerator account. Just click on the Comments icon, copy the review link, and send it to your reviewers.


As the course author, you will get in-app notifications about new review comments, replies, and mentions by @name. 


The reviewers can submit comments on a particular course page or question. 

In the Comments window, you will see all the comments added to the course by a reviewer, the reviewer's name, the date and time when the comment was made, the corresponding page title, and the comment status (resolved / unresolved). 

You can respond to comments, mark them as resolved / unresolved, and permanently delete them. 

The unresolved comments have a grey background and grey checkmark. You can see them on the default first page under the Unresolved tab.

When you resolve the comment, it gets into the Resolved comments tab. Such comments under the Resolved tab have a green background and green checkmark.

Note: In case you are reviewing comments from the course layout and checking the green bubbles to see and resolve the comments, please note that once you resolve the comment from there, the green bubble disappears, but you still can find this comment under the Comments window > the Resolved tab.

Replies to comments

As an author or co-author, you can also reply to comments from external reviewers. 

Many of you are probably familiar with having threaded conversations in forums and on other platforms, so this feature comes in handy here, where, say, your team needs to discuss the feedback, add notes, or exchange ideas to follow up on comments from your reviewers. 

Replies let authors, co-authors, and reviewers respond directly to a comment, keeping the replies organized neatly in a single, threaded conversation right within Easygenerator, in the external review panel. 

To make sure everyone who works on the course is up to speed, all replies are visible to all authors, co-authors, and reviewers.

In order to add a reply:

  1. Click the 'Reply' button at the bottom of the comment you want to reply to. 

  2. Type your text.

  3. Click 'Post comment' or use the 'Ctrl+Enter' keyboard shortcut to submit your reply.

You can always delete your replies by clicking the 'Delete' button on the right side of your reply comments.

NOTE: If you edit the course during the review process, make sure to click on Update course to apply the changes and make them visible to external reviewers.

How does it work for a reviewer?

As a reviewer, you will receive a review link from the authors of the course.

Once you open this link and click the comment icon, you will need to provide your email and name. You will then click on Get Login Link, to receive the access link to your email that will allow you to access the history of your comments and replies.

You can directly leave comments without using the email login, but if you choose to do so, you will not see the answers to your comments left by authors, nor will you see the comments that you might have left in a previous session.

NOTE: By clicking the ? icon, you can request another email with the access link or change the receiver email:

Now you can add comments to any course structure element including specific content blocks, and click on the Post comment button to submit them.

If you would like to check all your comments and author's replies, you will need to find the most recent email with the subject: “Access your course to review”. Click on the green button Log in and access comments.

NOTE: The link to access comments history works only once so you can't use it again as it expires after the first attempt due to security reasons.

As long as you stay within the same browser, you will be able to see your comments and replies history. The number of comments will be added to a green circle icon so you can click on it to unfold your comments and author's replies:

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