You can easily add images on a course page in Easygenerator.

Add pictures using the Images content block

Once you’ve created a new content page, choose the Images layout on the left.

Left-click the default image and select the Change image option. Now you can upload an image from your computer, choose from Library, choose from stock library or add via the link.

You can adjust the following configurations:

  • Replace the image (upload from PC, choose from the Library, choose from the stock library or embed via the link)

  • Switch the layout (One image / Image on the left / Image on the right / Image on the top / Image on the bottom)

  • Zoom the image and resize the placeholder

  • Apply the large, medium, or small size automatically

  • Wrap the text

  • Add alternative text for screen readers

In the two-image block, you also can swap the images:

Add pictures using the Old content editor

In the Old content editor, click the Image button to add a picture on the page:

You will see a pop-up window with image properties.

In the Image Properties window you can:

  • Add/replace the image (upload from PC, choose from the Library or embed via the link)

  • Add an alternative text (in case an image can't be displayed, this text will be shown to a learner)

  • Change the image size and position

  • Preview the image


  • File size: not more than 10 MB 

  • Extensions: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, bmp 

You can learn more about preferred image sizes here.

Fullscreen preview

Learners can preview images in the fullscreen mode. When you hover over the image on a course page, you will see a magnifying glass icon in the bottom right corner of the image. Click on this icon to open the image in the fullscreen mode and preview it in its original size.

Note: Please update/republish your courses published before October 21, 2021, in order to enable the fullscreen preview possibility.

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