Text matching question consists of two adjacent lists of related text items. Learners have to match the corresponding pairs. 

Use text matching questions whenever you want learners to identify matches between two sets of data. This helps you determine whether your learners truly comprehend the subject matter, without the need to create a series of questions. 

How to create a text matching question in Easygenerator

  • Select the text matching question from the left-hand panel and add it to a section.

  • Add a question title and instructions. 

  • Fill in the terms and matches. Each term has to correspond to a unique match. Click the ‘New term/match’ button to create more pairs. 

  • Create feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

  • Optional: add a voice-over

  • You can reorder, delete and copy the answer options at any step of creating the course. Hover over the answer option block and use the respective option that appears

Tips for writing good text matching questions

  • The question instruction should be meaningful and state a specific problem that focuses on the learning objective.

  • Each key should have a corresponding match. Every pair should be unique.

  • All the options should be homogeneous and equal in length.

  • Limit the number of options to 5.

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