Personalized learning template can be used to provide the pre-assessment and show the content as the study advice depending on the learner’s results.

Personalized Template features at a glance

  • This template can be used to provide the pre-assessment.

  • All questions are displayed in the pre-assessment mode, no content pages are shown.

  • Based on the results, the study advice is presented.

  • Learners can read the suggested content and re-attempt a question.

Personalized Template in action

The course starts with the introduction and the list of all questions in the pre-assessment mode. Based on the results of the pre-assessment, the study advice with the learner’s weak points is shown.

Immediate question feedback is not shown in this template. You can insert additional info to help learners answer a question to Content field on the bottom of the question editor.

Having submitted the course, a learner can see the list of questions answered incorrectly along with the recommended reading or study advice (information added to Content field). A learner can read the suggested content and re-attempt each question.

When a learner clicks Finish course button, the overall progress of the course and progress per learning objective are shown.


Under the Design tab, you can adjust the course logo and background.


Results tracking

  • Results tracking: you can track learners’ progress and see results in the Gradebook. Learners have to authorise with their e-mail and name. If cross device progress saving is enabled, they also have to set up the learner’s password.

  • Allow user to skip tracking and tracing: learners can take the course anonymously, and their progress won't be reported.

Advanced settings

  • Easygenerator: by default, learners’ progress is reported to Easygenerator directly and results are stored in the Gradebook.

  • Custom LRS: you can report learners’ progress to a custom LRS instead of Easygenerator.

Template Language

You can choose the language of the course interface labels or add your custom translations.

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