Simple course template features at a glance:

  • This template can be used for sharing knowledge/providing training.

  • A course can contain content items and questions.

  • Each question is shown on a separate page.

  • Learners can retry any question as many times as they want.

  • Learners get immediate feedback for correct/incorrect answers.

  • After successfully finishing the course, learners can download a certificate.

Simple course template in action

The course starts with the introduction. Then goes the list of available sections. Learners can open the section to see the related content and questions. At the top right corner, there's the progress bar.

Learners can navigate through the course using the Next/Previous buttons or the table of contents.

Each question is displayed on a separate page. Immediate feedback is shown on answering a question. If the question is answered incorrectly, a learner can try again. The last submitted answer will be saved.

After clicking Finish the course button, learners will see the overview page with their general score and the list of questions they answered correctly/ incorrectly. Learners can go back to the course to improve their score or submit results.


Under Design tab, you can customize design themes, branding (logo, background, interface colors) and fonts.


General Settings

  • Save progress cross device: learners can take a break and continue later on any device with the Internet connection. Required to generate certificates.

  • Allow login via social media: learners can use social media credentials to log in the course.

  • Conduct learner satisfaction survey: you can collect learners’ feedback about your course.

  • Allow users to download certificates: Learners can get a certificate with your company branded look and feel. Cross-device progress saving is required.

  • PDF export: Learners can download a course as PDF. Open the course via the private link, and in the top left corner, you'll see Download as PDF button.

  • Copyright text: You can add a copyright text on each course page.

  • “About the author” block: You can show your contact information or a short author's bio at the beginning of the course.

Results tracking

  • Results tracking: you can track learners’ progress and see results in the Gradebook. Learners have to authorise with their e-mail and name. If cross device progress saving is enabled, they also have to set up the learner’s password.

  • Allow user to skip tracking and tracing: learners can take the course anonymously, and their progress won't be reported.

  • Show confirmation dialogue: Learners can see the confirmation dialogue when they submit final results.

  • Allow scoring of content pages: Visiting content pages will affect the course progress along with answering questions.

Advanced settings

  • Easygenerator: by default, learners’ progress is reported to Easygenerator directly and results are stored in the Gradebook.

  • Custom LRS: you can report learners’ progress to a custom LRS instead of Easygenerator.

Mastery score

Learners have to reach the mastery score to pass the course successfully.

  • For the entire course

  • For each section

Template Language

You can choose the language of the course interface labels or add your custom translations.

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