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Create a Checklist directly on your course to help your learners highlight the most important points of the topic!

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What is a Checklist?

A Checklist is a resource type designed to better organize assignments that you need to complete in a more efficient way.

Why use a Checklist in your courses?

  • It helps you to summarize important information presented throughout the course.

  • Checklists reduce the likelihood of important steps or tasks getting overlooked and help your learners feel confident that they have completed their tasks

  • Checklists facilitate the maintenance of consistency and best practices in a really easy and convenient way.

How to add a Checklist via the Interactive content block:

  1. Open a content page of your course or add a new one.

  2. Then, click on the Interactive block on the left panel and scroll down the menu.

  3. Click on the Checklist option or drag and drop it to the empty block on the page, all done! You can start editing the checklist as needed and build engaging content by adding text and media to it.

NOTE: By default, the number of items within the Checklist is three, if you need to add more items to it, click on the + Add checklist item option at the end of the Checklist.

Within the Checklist, you can also easily change the order of the items, duplicate and/or delete them just by hovering over an item, and at the top left corner, you can select one of these three options.

How does it look on the learner’s side?

The learner will be able to see the progress bar of the checklist at the top of the block. Once the user ticks an item, the progress will be updated accordingly.

NOTE: The progress is saved for the learner during the current session only.

Since the Checklist is best used to assist the learner in real-time and give them easy-to-read manuals, rather than evaluate their knowledge, this feature does not include results tracking.

The Show more content block can be added to the Checklist, but the Checklist can not be added to the Show more content block.

Please note that the Checklist created via the interactive content block is not supported in the course introduction and can not be customized separately. If you want to customize your Checklist or add it to the course introduction, it’s best to create it as a Resource and embed it into your course. Here is how.

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