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Make your course more captivating by creating a How-to guide directly in your course!

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What is a How-to?

A How-to is an informative guide that instructs learners on how to perform a task by giving step-by-step instructions. It is a practical way to convey information about an active process.

Why use a How-to in your courses?

  • Creating a How-to guide can be an opportunity to share practical skills with your learners.

  • A How-to can be used to craft a simple and clear step-by-step guide that learners can address right away.

How to add a How-to via the Interactive content block:

  1. Open a content page of your course or add a new one.

  2. Then, click on the Interactive block on the left panel and scroll down the menu.

  3. Click on the How-to option or drag and drop it to the empty block on the page, all done! You can start editing the How-to as needed and build engaging content by adding text and media to it.

NOTE: By default, the number of steps within the How-to is three, if you need to add more steps to it, click on the + Add step option at the end of the How-to.

Within the How-to, you can also easily change the order of the steps, duplicate and/or delete them just by hovering over a step, and at the top left corner, you can select one of these three options.

How does it look on the learner’s side?

The learner will see a vertical line next to the selected block as an indication of the description of that particular step.

Since the How-to is best used to assist the learner in real-time and give them easy-to-read manuals, rather than evaluate knowledge, this feature does not include results tracking.

The Show more content block can be added to the How-to, but the How-to can not be added to the Show more content block.

Please note that the How-to created via the interactive content block is not supported in the course introduction and can not be customized separately. If you want to customize your How-to or add it to the course introduction, it’s best to create it as a Resource and embed it into your course. Here is how.

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