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You can record a video of your screen, webcam, and combined screen + webcam when adding a video to a course or from your Video Library.

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To record a video, follow the next steps:

1. You can record a video in Easygenerator from your media library or from the course page. To proceed, open:

  • your Video Library (My Library tab > Video > Record video):

  • the content page of the course, or add a content block (content options > Media) to any other page:

2. You can select recording options from three modes:

  • Screen only (you can select the entire screen, specific window, or specific browser tab, here you can also record your voice)

  • Camera only (you will use your webcam to record a video)

  • Screen and Camera (you will be able to record the screen and add the small window with video from your camera)

3. After you selected the recording mode, you can pick the available microphones and/or cameras from the available on your device:

NOTE: Please ensure to grant access to your microphone & camera from both browser and OS settings.

NOTE: If the webcam is already in use by another application, Easygenerator will not detect the camera.

4. Click the Continue button.

5. If you are recording the screen, select if you would like to record the entire screen, specific window, or specific browser tab. Once you picked it, click the Share button.

6. Start the recording.

If you are using Camera only mode, click the Rec icon (the Start recording button) to start.

If you are using the Screen options, the recording will start once you click the Share button after selecting the tab or window to record.

NOTE: You can record a video for 20 minutes maximum.

7. Stop the recording.

To stop the recording in Camera only mode, click the Finish recording button.

To stop recording the Screen options, click the Stop sharing button at the top of the screen.

8. Now you can edit the video. Provide the title and trim the video (if needed).

To trim the video, set the start and end time for the video you are keeping, so that other parts will be trimmed off.

If you are satisfied with the result, click Done, if not, click Delete and start over.

9. The recorded video will be automatically saved in your Video Library so you can use it in other courses.

The recommended browsers for a better video recording experience are Chrome or Edge.

Video quality

The video is recorded in resolution 1280x720, 24 frames/second.

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