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Quote content block
Quote content block

Use quote content block to highlight meaningful quote for your learners.

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You can increase the user engagement level by adding the quote content block to your course. It may be a good idea to use this block for describing the core values of your organization, for example, or to illustrate the main point you are trying to make on this page or in this section.

To add the quote to your course, create a content page or content block on any page of the course, select the Text option from the left menu, and scroll down. Now you can drag and drop the Quote block to your page layout.

You will need to change the default quote to the one you need.

It will require editing all four parts of the quote separately: the text of the quote, the author’s name, the author's photo (you can disable it with the toggle if you don't need the photo), and the author’s role.

NOTE: the character’s limit for the author’s name is 90 and for the author’s role 200.

You can select one of the three available layouts of the quote and enable/disable the photo of the quote author:

Also, you can change the color of the quoted text, make it bold or italic, highlight it, etc. using the available text editor toolbar.

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