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Embed content block
Embed content block

Use embed content block to use third-party content that you have created on other platforms.

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You can add a public link and the third-party content of the most popular platforms just with one click by inserting the direct link to it.

Here is a list of services whose content you can easily add to your course:

You can also embed:

  • a public web link using the weblink block or

  • interactive content via the HTML block.

Add the embed content

To add the embedded content to your course, create a content page or content block on any page of the course, and select the Embed tab from the left menu. Now you can drag and drop the block you need to your page layout:

NOTE: you can embed only content that has free access to everyone or for those who have a link. If you are trying to embed the web link, make sure that it doesn't have the login functionality, otherwise the error will appear.

HTML block

In the HTML block, you can as well embed YouTube videos, Google sheets, Google Docs, Slideshare presentations, and other HTML objects in your content page. Copy or create the iframe code and paste it into the HTML block. Learn how to create iframes here.

Take a peek at this help page to learn how to use images as links.

NOTE: It's not possible to add JavaScript code to the HTML block. JavaScript is disabled in Easygenerator because of security, accessibility, and cross-platform support considerations. We recommend sticking to HTML instead. Another possible workaround would be to hyperlink to the source containing Javascript so that it opens in a new tab outside Easygenerator.

Why I can't add the weblink?

To prevent the clickjacking vulnerability, companies restrict opening their websites in an iframe.

It depends on the security policy of specific organizations if their websites are restricted or open to be hosted/shared with other third-party tools.

Update the embed link

If you need to change the content link, click the block with the previously added content, then click the link icon and paste there a new one:

NOTE: to change the code in the HTML block, click the white area at the very top of the embedded block.

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