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Security in Text-to-speech functionality
Security in Text-to-speech functionality
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The Text-to-Speech feature is the newest addition to the Easygenerator tool, enhancing the user experience while maintaining the security and privacy standards held by the tool in line with our GDPR and ISO 27001 standards.

The feature will be available to all Team, Enterprise, and Trail plan clients for free. For Pro plans, it will be available as an add-on.

Machine Learning

  • The Text-to-Speech feature is enabled using the Amazon Polly Service, a text-to-speech service provided by Amazon Web Services.

  • The feature uses a Neural Network-based algorithm where it takes a text input and returns an output in one of the banks of Amazon “voices” available.

Security and Privacy

  • Amazon Web Services and all the functionalities it provides are ISO 27001 compliant and Easygenerator’s integration with them is GDPR compliant as well.

  • Users must only input information into the feature at their own discretion after going through the below risks and mitigations.

  • All the data inputs and outputs are stored in Amazon databases in the EU-Central Region.

Risk Assessment



Clients can input personal or otherwise sensitive information into the text-to-speech feature, and it is then processed by a third-party

  • Easygenerator’s client data is not used by Amazon to train its AI algorithms because Easygenerator has opted out of data collection.

  • Amazon further commits to not using personally identifiable information that may be contained in your content to target products, services or marketing to you or your end users.

  • As a data processor under the GDPR, Easygenerator via AWS processes all information put through the feature, ensuring industry standard encryption in transit and at rest.

  • Amazon and Easygenerator are additionally ISO 27001 certified, meaning the highest levels of technical security are insured for client data of all kinds.

As per the GDPR, the users have the right to request deletion or export of the speech outputs from the feature if they know for it to contain personal information

  • The speech output is stored in a way similar to the storage of all other client data, so that compliance with the GDPR mandated requests of data export or deletion can be met timely, if the need arises.

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