Drag and drop and hotspot question background (width): 

  • 750 px.

Single choice image question

  • All-in-one template: thumbnail - 260x260 px.

  • Simple course template: thumbnail - 250x200 px; zoomed in image - 600x480 px.

Image layouts (width):

  • All-in-one template: Image on the left/ right/ two images: 420 px; One image: 880 px.

  • Simple course template: Image on the left/ right/ two images: 430 px; One image: 880 px.

Section icon:

  • All-in-one template: 220х255 px.

  • Simple course template: 290x170 px.

Course logo: 

  • All-in-one template: 360x200 px, depending on the logo shape.

  • Simple course template: 200x50 px.


  • All-in-one template: Cover background image - 768x1024 px (3:4 ratio).

  • Simple course template: Main background image - 1920x435 px (this is the maximum width, you can use a smaller image depending on the size of your screen). To show the main background full-screen, disable the secondary background. 

  • Test/Assessment template: 1920x1080 px.

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