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Preferred image sizes
Preferred image sizes

Drag-and-drop and hotspot question background, single choice image question, section icons, course logo and background.

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Drag and drop and hotspot question background:ย 

  • 47:30 aspect ratio

Single choice image question:ย 

  • Thumbnail - 260x260 px (1:1 aspect ratio)

Image layouts (width):

  • One image: 900x545 px (1.65:1 ratio)

  • Image on the left / right / two images: 900x545 px / 250x152 px (1.64:1 ratio)

  • Three images: 900x545 px / 148x89 px (1.66:1 ratio)

Flip card:

  • Image only - 701x701 px (1:1 aspect ratio)

  • Image + text - 499x346 px (1.44:1 aspect ratio)

NOTE: in the above images, you can adjust the size and crop or extend the image in the image editor so the size can be any.

Section icon:

  • 182ั…200 px (0.91:1 aspect ratio)

Course logo:ย 

  • 700x250 px, depending on the logo shape.


  • Cover background image - 768x1024 px (3:4 ratio).

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