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Learner Satisfaction Survey
Learner Satisfaction Survey

Measure the learning impact and efficiency of your course with the learner satisfaction survey.

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The learner satisfaction survey is a questionnaire for your users to rate their learning experience. With the learner satisfaction survey, you can easily measure how people feel and what they think about your course.

You can enable the learner satisfaction survey under Configure tab > Extra features.

After submitting the results, learners will be offered a survey about the overall experience of the course.

Note: A learner has to log in to the course to take part in the survey. If they skip the login and take the course anonymously, the survey won't be displayed.

Learners’ feedback is sent to the Satisfaction survey section under the Results tab.

Please note that if you turned off the results tracking or if you track results to custom LRS to avoid any data reporting to Easygenerator, in case the learners' satisfaction survey is enabled, the learners' feedback will be reported to Easygenerator anyway.

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