Adding Documents

You can add documents and other files (pptx, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, zip) of 5 MB max via the Document content block.

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Create a content item, choose Docs Layout, and select the Document content block

You can upload a document from your PC, choose from your library, and paste a document link or an embed code. For example, you can use Google Docs or any other service and get the document link. Here’s how to share files from Google Drive.

Also, you can use the Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V option as well as drag and drop the document file from your device to the document block:

Note: You need to drop the file (and click for pasting) exactly to the document top menu but not to the preview of the document.

The document will be embedded into your course and scaled automatically to fit the page.

Supported file formats: 

  • PDF (.pdf)

  • Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx)

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)

  • Microsoft Excel (.xls / .xlsx)

  • ZIP

Max file size: 5 MB.

Note: the size limitation is determined by the browser viewer.

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