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HowNow Integration
HowNow Integration

Learn how to integrate and publish your Easygenerator courses into HowNow.

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Easygenerator offers seamless integration with HowNow to publish your courses. This option is accessible to all our plans, except Free.

How to activate the integration with HowNow?

To push your courses to HowNow, you need first to request access to this integration. To do so, go to the Publish step -> Integrations ->HowNow and click on the Contact us button.

After sending your request, our Customer Success Team will be in touch with you via email to finish the setup.

Note: The information mentioned in this form will be required for the setup, and our Customer Support Team will also need to configure the custom LRS on the organization level during the integration. This will be configured once for all the courses and the results will not go to the course Gradebook but to your custom LRS.

How to publish your course in HowNow?

Once the integration is activated, go to the Publish step -> Integrations, and select the HowNow option.

You can then set the course duration and once done, click on the Send to HowNow button to publish your course.

Note: The limit on course duration is 999 minutes.

Sending your course to HowNow will automatically publish your course under the Private link option. You should be able to instantaneously see a Smartcard of your course created on the HowNow side.

The Smartcard in HowNow will be using the Easygenerator’s course URL, thumbnail, title, course duration, and description.

Please note that your course will be hosted on Easygenerator’s platform – HowNow will simply provide access to the course’s private link through its Smartcard.

To ensure seamless access to the course, we encourage you to check our Single Sign-on options for learners.

Course update

If you make any changes to your course after it has been published, make sure to click on the Update course button to apply the changes in the private link as well as the HowNow Smartcard.

If you simply changed the course duration, click on the Resend to HowNow button to update it.


Please note that clicking the Update course button will NOT send the course to HowNow for courses that were already published before HowNow was enabled for your account. If a course was already published via the Private link (or any other publishing option), you will need to go to the Integrations option under the Publish step and then click on the Send to HowNow option to publish the course on this platform.

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