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How to add subtitles to a video
How to add subtitles to a video

Add subtitles to your videos directly from the course editor and improve the learning experience.

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Adding subtitles to your videos can enhance the learning experience by improving comprehension, accessibility, retention, and engagement with educational content.

Note: The subtitle files that you upload should be in VTT or SRT format.

How to add subtitles to a video?

First, you need to add the video to your course by dragging and dropping the video layout from the media content block to the content page -> Select Change video, and upload yours.

After that, select the Add subtitles /captions button -> Click on the + Add subtitle files option -> Upload the .VTT or .SRT files from your laptop, and assign the language for each file -> Click on Apply once done.

You can also add subtitles from your Video Library by hovering over the video and clicking on the 3 dots -> Add subtitles/captions.

To download the subtitle file to your device, hover over it and click on the Download button.

To delete the file, hover over it -> Click the delete(trash) icon -> Read the warning and click on Delete. Please note that once you confirm the deletion, this action can not be undone.

How does it work for the learners?

Learners can activate subtitles by selecting the CC icon within the video player. From there, they can choose their preferred language for the captions provided by the author.


  • Easygenerator supports VTT and SRT files that are sourced from third-party services, including YouTube.

  • There is no limit to the number of files you can add to a video.

  • The option to upload subtitles is not available for embedded videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

  • If you trim the video after adding subtitles, they will adjust automatically, eliminating the need to upload a new subtitle file for the changes to take effect.

  • If the course is translated, the same subtitle files uploaded to the original course will also be present in the translated course.

  • Only the user who uploaded the video can add, delete, or modify the subtitles files.

  • If a video is used in multiple courses, any changes made to the subtitles will overwrite the original file, affecting the video in all other courses as well.

Adjust the Video player speed

Authors and learners can also adjust the video speed of the player. To do so, click on the Video speed button and select the preferred option.

Note: There are 8 different speeds in total and the speed will reset back to Normal (1) every time for every video.

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