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LearnUpon Integration
LearnUpon Integration

Learn how to integrate and publish your Easygenerator courses into LearnUpon.

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Easygenerator offers seamless integration with LearnUpon to publish your courses through PENS. This option is accessible to all our plans, except Free.

How to activate the integration with LearnUpon?

To push your courses to LearnUpon, you need first to request access to PENS integration. To do so, go to the Publish step -> Integrations ->Navigate to the LearnUpon option, and click on the Contact us button.

After sending your request, our Customer Success Team will be in touch with you via email to finish the setup.

Note: The information mentioned in this form will be required for the PENS setup, and you can find the integration details from the LearnUpon platform by going into Settings -> Integrations -> Content integrations -> Select Easygenerator and click on the +Generate API Token button. Then click on Agree and Connect -> Copy the details to your clipboard and send this information to your respective Customer Success Manager.

How to publish your course in LearnUpon?

Once the integration is activated, go to the Publish step -> Integrations, and select the LearnUpon option.

You will see:

[1] The default Course Library that was configured by your main Admin.

[2] The one-time consent checkbox to share your email address with LearnUpon.

Note: This consent checkbox will be available in the course after the integration is activated. If you have multiple courses, the checkbox will be present in all of them until you send the agreement.

[3] The Send to LearnUpon button to publish your course.

To publish your course for the first time, you need to tick the one-time consent checkbox and click on Send to LearnUpon. If you do not tick this consent, you can still publish your course to LearnUpon, however, this checkbox will remain available in all your courses until you tick it for the first time.

After agreeing to the consent, simply click on the Send to LearnUpon button to publish the subsequent courses.

Note: The publishing process may take some time and you will be notified when the course is successfully published. Once it's finished, you can find it in the corresponding library within LearnUpon.

Course update

If you make any changes to your course after it has been published, make sure to click on the Update and send to LearnUpon button to apply the latest changes.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team at [email protected]

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