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This help page will guide you on how to view/add HTML code to a content page in Easygenerator.
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There may be times when you want to use HTML while creating a course. For example, you may prefer to code a hyperlink by hand or adjust the header sizes. To make coding easy, we’ve added a new HTML content block.

To add HTML code to a content page, go to the Interactive layout and choose the HTML content block. Click the Code view < > button to toggle between the code and visual preview modes.

You can embed YouTube videos, Google sheets, Google Docs, Slideshare presentations, and other HTML objects in your content page using the HTML block. Copy or create the iframe code and paste it into the HTML block. Learn how to create iframes here.

Take a peek at this help page to learn how to use images as links.

NOTE: It's not possible to add JavaScript code to the HTML block. JavaScript is disabled in Easygenerator because of security, accessibility, and cross-platform support considerations. We recommend sticking to HTML instead. Another possible workaround would be to hyperlink to the source containing Javascript so that it opens in a new tab outside Easygenerator.

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