Getting Started

This collection explains how to get a free trial, create a course, reset your password, upgrade your account etc.

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Content Items

Here you can find help articles on content layout options, uploading media, and moving/reusing content.

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Here you can find help articles on question types.

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Here you'll learn how to customize the look and feel of your course, save your custom theme and reuse it in other courses.

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Course Settings

This collection will guide you through the course settings like results tracking, cross-device progress saving, mastery score, languages and more.

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Publish and Share

Here you'll find out more about the publishing options, Course Dashboard, and managing access to your courses via the Whitelist.

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Progress reports, scores and given answers, sharing results and learner satisfaction survey are explained here.

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Explore co-authoring, organisations, external review and other exclusive features that make it super easy to collaborate.

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Need a course in multiple languages? Easygenerator's translation features can help!

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Learn how to use Resources to digitalize piles of paperwork into concise and easy to read job aids.

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Additional Features

In this collection, you'll find help topics on creating a course from a powerpoint, learning objectives, media library, etc.

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All the details about single sign-on, LTI, SAML 2.0, LRS, LMS and more are here.

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Accessibility and Compliance

Here you can find out how Easygenerator supports WCAG and Section 508 accessibility guidelines. Also, you can learn how Easygenerator complies with GDPR.

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