To report learners’ results to your custom LRS, go to Configure step > Results Tracking > Advanced settings and opt for Custom LRS.

Report to custom LRS

First, you need to set up your own Learning Record Store (LRS) such as Scorm Cloud, Saltbox, etc.

NOTE: If you don't have any LRS, we advise you to track learners' progress within Easygenerator. Learn more about reporting results to Easygenerator.

Once an external LRS is set up, you should specify LRS URL in the Custom LRS settings field.

Authentication is used to specify the login and password of the Learning Activity Provider (LAP). Learning Activity Provider is actually the course that reports statements. In some cases, LRS requires LAP to be authenticated in order to post statements. Therefore, if such a requirement exists in your LRS, specify the correct LAP login and password.

When a course is published with Results tracking enabled and an external LRS reporting chosen, a learner will be asked for credentials to report the course progress to LRS.

You can select the learning activity statements which will be sent to the target LRS:

  • Started: when a learner opens the course and enters their credentials.
  • Answered: when a learner answers a question.
  • Experienced: when a learner visits a content page.
  • Progressed: when a question is answered to indicate the current overall score.
  • Stopped: when a learner clicks Finish.
  • Mastered: a score per learning objective.
  • Passed: when the course is completed with an overall progress 100%.
  • Failed: when the course is completed with an overall progress less than 100%.

NOTE: If you enable results tracking or change the track and trace settings for the already published course you should go to the Publish step and update the course to apply the latest changes.

Here is a short video on results tracking in your LRS.

Learn more about cross-device progress saving here.

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