In Easygenerator you can easily create a consistent visual design of your courses.

On the Design step you’ll find the following tabs: Themes, Branding, Layout and Fonts. Let’s go through all of them.


In the Themes section you can choose one of the available default themes. 

Also, you can create your own theme, save it and re-use in other courses. Thus, you'll be able to brand all your courses in exactly the same way.

To create a theme, you need to adjust the design settings first by selecting a logo, background image, colours and fonts. After you've customized your theme, click the Save theme button in the bottom left corner and type a name for the theme. It will be located it in the My themes section.


In the Branding tab you can change your course logo either by uploading it from your computer or by attaching an external link.

The recommended size for the course logo is 200x50 px.

Easygenerator has a gallery of ready-made backgrounds. You can choose whatever appeals to you or fill a background with any image or color you want, change its brightness and apply one of three display modes: full screen, repeat or original. You can also enable or disable a secondary background.

Color settings for Easygenerator courses, such as text color, main and secondary color, button text color and content body color can be customized under Interface colors.


If you want to change the way your sections are displayed, go to the Layout tab. You can have them presented in tiles or in a list. Here you can also enable/disable the table of contents and the sections page.


Under the Design tab > Fonts you can choose fonts and adjust their styles accordingly. It is possible to customize fonts of the course interface and content separately.

Under General styles you'll be able to change the font which is applied for the entire course.

Under Content styles you'll be able to change the fonts for specific content styles like headings, normal text, quotes, highlighted text and links.

To get more info on the design options, please watch this video tutorial.

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