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Engage your learners and deliver impactful information by creating microlearning content.

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What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is an educational approach that involves delivering information or learning materials in small, focused, and bite-sized units. It emphasizes short and targeted learning experiences designed to meet specific learning objectives, and breaks down complex topics into concise, easily digestible modules, typically between 2-10 minutes, which can help to reinforce learning and improve retention.

You can create microlearning from a course template (click on the +New course button -> Template ->All categories -> Microlearning) or from scratch.

How to create Microlearning from scratch in Easygenerator?

  1. Click on the +New course button -> Select the Empty course option -> Provide a title for your microlearning and click on Create course:

  2. Drag and drop a content/question page (without sections) to the Main body.

Note: Adding the introduction or sections to the training is completely optional, however, we do not recommend adding them since the purpose of microlearning is to keep the content as short as possible, so the learners can quickly consume the information without investing large blocks of time.

3. Once you are done filling your microlearning with the necessary information, go to the Configure tab -> Design -> Choose the One page layout on the Display settings and the Collapse by default option for the Course navigation menu:

For more information about the course layouts and the course navigation menu, please click here.

4. Keep configuring your course depending on the goals that you want to achieve with microlearning. Please visit this link for more information.

5. Preview your content to check how it looks on the learner’s side. To do so, click on the Preview mode located at the top right part of the screen:

Once you are satisfied with the result, publish your course and share it with your learners.

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