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You can publish a course to Easygenerator cloud or your hosting, embed in your website, and upload to your LMS.

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To publish a course in Easygenerator, navigate to the Publish tab and choose one of the publishing options.

It is also possible to get a private link or embed code by clicking Share at the top of the course editor.

External Review

Before sharing a private link with your learners, you can send the course for review, collect feedback, and enhance your learning content. 

Available for Team plan and higher.

Share a private link

By default, a course exists on the Easygenerator server, and you are suggested to share a private link to access it. If your learners copy this link into their web browser, they will see the course and they can start working on it. That's the easiest way to publish and share courses.

Generate a QR code

After generating the Private link, you can get the QR code for your course by downloading it or copy-pasting it to your clipboard. Learners will simply have to scan the QR code with their phone to get redirected to the private link, where the course is hosted.

Inside a website

You can personalize the course URL by embedding the course on your own website and sharing the link to your site rather than the direct course link.
Take a peek here to learn how to embed Easygenerator courses into SharePoint.

To your LMS

Download your course as a SCORM/xAPI package and publish it to your LMS. Easygenerator provides two versions of SCORM: SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (4th edition) and xAPI. You can include to the SCORM/xAPI package:

  • Images uploaded to a course and all fonts chosen under the Design tab.

  • Video and audio files uploaded to a course.

A learner can save their current progress when the course is launched from the LMS by clicking Save my current progress at the top right corner of the course. Next time a learner can easily continue the course from the saved position.

To your LXP

Easygenerator now offers direct integration to the LXP platform, EdCast, and Degreed.

EdCast integration allows any Enterprise client with an EdCast account to directly push their courses created in Easygenerator to the platform.

Degreed integration allows any Enterprise client with a Degreed LXP account to directly push their Easygenerator courses to the platform.

The course will be automatically published with a direct link and create a smart card on the LXP side.

To your hosting

Publish to your web server or cloud storage by downloading a course as the HTML package. You need to have a real or virtual server to use this option.

You can track results through XAPI in your own LRS or in the Easygenerator result tracking.

You can include to the HTML package:

  • Images uploaded to a course and all fonts chosen under the Design tab

  • Video and audio files uploaded to a course

Export to PDF

You can download the content of your course in PDF format (1) or generate a link to a PDF version that will be hosted online (2). If you are exporting to PDF for the first time, you will need to click the Generate PDF button to get the option to download the course as a PDF or to generate a link.

PDFs are generated in A4 size and portrait mode (72 DPI).

All course content (except video and audio) will be visible in the PDF. The document will be displayed as a small block with the document title and URL for downloading it. On question pages, the correct answer options will not be identified as correct ones:

Note: The PDF download and PDF link will also be available under the Share shortcut.

Note: When the One page layout is selected under the Configure tab -> Design, the course overview page is not available in the PDF.

Update a published course

If you make any changes to your course after it is published, it is very important to remember to update it.

Note: It's not recommended to make changes to a published course that is being completed by learners. The progress may be lost or reported incorrectly.

For courses published via a private link, you will see a banner with the Update course button. Click this to make changes to your course go live and be visible to your learners.

For courses that are published via SCORM to an LMS, you need to download a new SCORM file after making changes within Easygenerator. Then you would upload this SCORM file into your LMS.

Enable Access Only for Specific People (Whitelist)

On the Publish step, you can create a whitelist of learners who will have access to the course. If the whitelist is enabled, only learners who have been added to this list (by email address) will be able to access the course.

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