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Learning Objective Maker
Learning Objective Maker

The Learning Objective Maker is a tool to assist you in creating perfect learning objectives.

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Learning objectives are the backbone of learning, all professional e-learning developers create their courses based on learning objectives. 

If you create bad learning objectives – that aren’t measurable – you will get equally bad courses. To solve this problem, we built a tool that will guide you through creating perfect learning objectives, based on the industry standard: Bloom’s Taxonomy.

To start using it, create a new section, under the section title add the Learning objective and click on Use learning objective maker. 

The Learning Objective maker offers a few simple steps that will help you in creating perfect learning objectives. 

  1. Think about and define your audience. 

  2. Identify the level of learning your learners will achieve. According to each level, we offer a wide selection of measurable verbs. Choose the best one for you. 

  3. Describe the tasks your learners will be able to perform (skip the verb as it’ll be added automatically).

  4. Describe the conditions.

  5. Use the learning objective in your course. It’ll be added under the section title and can be edited manually if needed.

  6. Learners will see the learning objectives under the sections on the course intro page. Also, the learning objective will be the first thing they see when they start a section.

You can add proper content and questions based on your learning objectives. The great thing is that you can track the results of your learners immediately and see if they meet their learning goals.

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