To keep track of learner’s results in Easygenerator, adjust the following results tracking settings under Configure tab:

Progress and login

Progress saving:

  • Save progress cross device: learners can take a break and continue later on any device with the Internet connection. Required to generate certificates.
  • Allow login via social media: learners can use social media credentials to log in the course.

Results tracking:

  • Results tracking: you can track learners’ progress and see results in the Gradebook. Learners have to authorise with their e-mail and name. If cross device progress saving is enabled, they also have to set up the learner’s password.
  • Allow user to skip tracking and tracing: learners can take the course anonymously, and their progress won't be reported.

Show advanced settings:

  • Easygenerator: by default, learners’ progress is reported to Easygenerator directly and results are stored in the Gradebook.
  • Custom LRS: you can report learners’ progress to a custom LRS instead of Easygenerator.



  • Allow scoring of content pages: Visiting content pages will affect the course progress along with answering questions.

Mastery score settings

Mastery score: learners have to reach the mastery score to pass the course successfully.

  • overall course
  • each section

NOTE: Team users can keep track of all learners' records, download progress reports in the CSV format and share results online. Pro users have access to the results of 250 learners.

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